Friday, March 21, 2008

Another day it was ,for him, but today the roads beckoned him loudly for his new destination was calling.His dear ones were with him,neither did he look at them in their eyes nor did he say what he always intended to .
Oblivious he was to the scripts of his role but still ignorantly heeded to a distant call .A slight tingle and an ominous feeling evaded his forefront thought process.His head hung low, he was following the call,for his destination was waiting.
As he began his journey,the same mundane thoughts filled him and as usual was swaying through obstacles ,and by keeping an eye on his loved ones, he drove on.He was at his prime with countless dreams for himself and the ill fated others with him,and today was just another day ,another drive, another step for him ,everything normal but the whispers of death.
A casual conversation bursted open ,engrossed in his life and family,he was unaware of the dark hooded creature waiting in a lorry. He drove on , but suddenly the inexplicable bursts of uncertainity enveloped him, the oddity was enhancing by every passing second till he caught a sight which he would soon forget. Silence filled his world ,his face was motionless not able to follow the scrambled thoughts that revolved around his family and their safety.He tries in vain with his last breath to drive his car away from the behemothic seeker of life and not to enter oblivion.Devoid of all purposes and feelings,he along with his family were thrust towards the void.
My professor and his family recently died in a car crash ,may their souls rest in peace.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Abide in a Labyrinth

The vagabond born to roam , once again wanders through the illusion of permanency , but the delusion is breaking , bringing forth the advent of the dark messiah. The balance is perturbed , the purpose is shattered ,the vastness as described by the messenger leaves the wayfarer dry in the desert of the abandoned . The world has been percieved through a falsified notion of absoluteness , were the words whispered to him.

The wanderer fell to his knees, for the vanquisher of joy and innocence showed that his horizon extends towards infinity .In the vastness of desolation ,he looked onwards ,desperately to seek his oasis while the darkness loomed over him.The swords kept slashing , for he still did not bleed.Reluctant to let go and crumble before his enemy,he stood and then continued wading through the mist.With enflamed rage ,he battled once more to seek his waterhole.

With one last breath ,he drifted once more, but in vain as he succumbed to his pain and saw his blood . On his knees again ,once more he looked at the messenger but with defeat in his eyes.He heard the words enter him as he was entering the eternal darkness. Remove my dark veil were the words.

The drifter lifted the clad , and as the truth stared at him, he knew neither sorrow nor joy.Unfolding before him was the very fabric of reality . He knew then there neither was a right path nor an erroneous for his abode in the labyrinth will remain for all eternity .He knew he shall thrive there as long he is a vagabond and will not cease to do so till the dark hooded messiah arrives whispering and questioning his evry breath.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Many days had gone past since the seeker last poured out what was in ,
and hence aloof he had become from what was within.
Oblivious to the innate cries,
he walked in search of glories which evaded his eyes.
He journeyed on many paths not knowing where it lead,
but he continued to tread.
He was on one such journey with a begining 4 years back and its end nearing ,
and by not knowing where his next path is ,he began to fret and wanted to cease the purposless wandering.
He wanted to rend the veil over his life to know his destiny, but not knowing how.
To seek a seer to reveal his path ,now became his vow.
In vain were his endeavours , as nobody or nothing could give his life a perfect mould.
Defeated he was as the seer never was to be found and thought, to the world he has been sold.
Struck with sorrow, he started reminscing,bringing forth his memories and experiences.
Slowly as these thoughts enveloped him,he unveiled life's incospicuous nuances.
He realised that his journey with a plethora of experiences, good and bad ,was showing him glimpses of his way,his path, teaching,guiding him and showing him his purpose but slowly. His experiences were giving his life a shape. He had the questions as well as the answers.
Rejoiced he was,as he was begining to understand, in the seeker lies the seer and and in the seer lies the seeker.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Some would say trust is the reason behind why we are in peace with ourselves and others , its the reason why we have progressed so much as human beings and to some degree as a civilised race.Its because of trust, we exist as a society , because of trust we breathe with enough security, because of trust we become ourselves and learn to love and enjoy the other finer aspects of life.Then again it has a big vice too,as a trust broken has deeper and deadlier repercussions.
When does a friend stop being one ,when does the breach towards enmity occur? when the trust dissolves into doubt!!The purity and the fun of the past is erased instantaneously and only hatred is breeded as nobody likes to be cheated. The brotherhood is destroyed just in one strike ,the strike which mutilates trust!
So who is to be blamed, the person who trusted or the person who broke that trust?To con and cheat is a basic savage human instinct , to survive and acquire what we desire or lust for ,through any means possible.Knowing that , why do we continue to trust ?, as any human is capable of not suppressing this inane and stupid but an existant trait .Is it to hope that there still is plenty of good and the vice are only small spots?Or is it to feel good and secure, that we start trusting and tell we trust because we know that the others care abt us??but do they?these would be the qustions asked by the ppl who were cheated .A broken trust i guess destroys trust altogether from one's life and hence other important factors too and propelling him or her to a temporary loneliness . Breaking one's trust i guess is one of the biggest evils . Then again life is unequally balanced, for every person who forces u not to trust there exists many who teach u to trust again.The person who would loose the finer aspects of life would be the person who commited this sin of breaking someone's trust or maybe not.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Burn in hell!!

A slow poison . I wonder if thats is what life is? What am i trying to pull from my box? well lets find out,shall we? Do we all live our lives in fear?Lets see........Whats going to happen when i grey?Will i also become as helpless like that guy with the alzhemeirs?without friends?family? money? mind? dreams? hopes? beliefs? cherished possesions?What if all the things, the sanity i believe in dissapears,how can i live amidst the evanascence of my dreams? With this paranoia,i bet most of us live our lives or it could just be me.Skeletons and cobwebs in a cupboard somwhere locked in our heads, who are the lucky ones without it?These enwraps, encapsulates our fear and gives it enough protection for it to thrive and stay with us. Amplifying our angst!! Fear leads to insecurity, and that lets poison seep into you! Words spoken to u and situations u are put through trigger thoughts which moulds your personality.As the poison accumulates, it drives a bigger, heinous purpose for madness.As this madness grows, so does your deviation from the path u promised to take.This leads to guilt and in turn leads to hatred,self hatred....AND this my friend leads to ur eternal damnation in hell!! those masked men with their ak47's who are supposed induce terror well might be one of us who are badly affected in a very twisted manner!!...How unfortunate...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Many of us walk on this planet with thoughts shackled, many of us hold ourselves back.The reason is because those thoughts and actions are forbidden. Why are they forbiden?? well thats something to probe into. Society!!...thats the answer,people have framed rules, people like us!!
In a way it is good , because there is some amount of civility. Thanks to society we have developed ourselves from perfidious roaming barbarians to this. Ok, so society is good...but it becomes detrimental when people make crazy assumptions on morality and the ideal conduct and expect ,infact coerce u to follow it!! and as the number grows ,people who abide it perhaps just complying to it make life miserable for the people who deviate it!...As i envision it, ppl shouldnt really bother about what someother person is doing unless he is harming somebody or someone or causing violence or damaging the society!! Visualize it , a society which is open to anything and everything and not inanely parochial, will definitely improve in all fronts when people are able to fully express their creativity!!! Rules enforced are meant to be broken!!!..India better awaken!!!

Saturday, March 25, 2006


I wandered in desolation , after being derelicted to seek my purpose, my quest,my dharma. Okay, i was actually cribbing about all the flaws i breathe with and all those circumstances i had been put through , and there by started questioning the almighty, actually to look at it from another angle ,i was actually questioning some idols and basically my myself....lunacy!!.Anyway by some quirk , i started stumbling into some bedazzling claims.Okay, you are not going to believe the words which are typed ahead, which fundamentally might be profoundly inane or the quintessential truth!!
Well a considerate amount of people believe that our world, yes ,the reality you percieve,the place which u might either love or hate which ofcourse is directly proportinal to your experiences and by some chance the money u have, is nothing but an illusion or to stick to my roots..."MAYA"!!What the fuck??- that was my very decent reaction to this seemingly preposterous claims! I wanted to blast those wazzocks,or perhaps very intelligently decpetive vice people who are just marketing their shit to get some money.Hey , but whoever these guys are,they are pretty good cause their words had roused enough intrigue in me or perhaps i am just easy to excite(true in all cases)!
So, there i started my endeavour to uncover,demask,unearth whatever that we were looking for or rather what i thought everybody was looking for...THE UTIMATE TRUTH...but who knows it could even be the penultimate! What do i get?? the same...highly obscure stuff( to my comprehending abilities)! Common, how can i be the soul??with an ulterior motive and with infinite past lives manifesting my experiences to add to the experience of the higher soul who i am a part of!! and to add to this mumbo jumbo,- ego ,desires and someother shit is brought into the picture. Okay , totally bemused i tentatively approached other unknown territories relating to this ultimate truth or whatever. Astral , well thats one thing which was so far fetched, i initially considered it bullshit and even pondered on fantasising my own alternative speculations to con the gullible wussies and somehow get rich!!Fortunately, that wasnt the case, i ventured deeper till i reached the vortex of this new definition to life!.
So there i was, totally worried about my sanity wondering about my so called reality!!. As i dwelled deeper into the astral concept and from this concept to other concepts, things were becoming clear or ofcourse there is always the possiblity that i was becoming dopey!!Well anyway , with the advent of this new cognizanze and some strange experiences, i started believing it!! The experiences, well perhaps could have been just mental projections due to a overstressed life , but anyway like i mentioned ,things were immaculate enough ! What the fuck is this Astral..u ask???well basically its something which describes the actual world u are living in, itseems there are many more planes of existence and u can tune in to any of these other planes provided u have the skills!!But mainly it revolves around the inrticate spiritual notions .To a large extent it is plausible!!...well that was what i thought!Anyway google search it and u will come with some interesting information or check out the forums in
So, with full josh, totally invigorated, i proceeded to the next phase, that is learning the skills to astral project to other realms and learn the higher things beyond life( well this in hinduism is known as samadhi( i think)...)..anyway with total perseverence i attempted ,attempted and fatefully had some very strange lucid dreams and vivid experiences!..well thats where i got till and havent proceeded further! in vain i dropped it and started wondering about its authenticity and even dismissing my experiences as my abberations(which again is a possiblity...which worries me...anyway from the looks of all the forums i have visited..i am in a major crowd and some people seem even worse than i am).Well another thing which amazed me is the strength of positve thinking and affirmations. Wait , howz that supposed to be amazing??well it kind of is, if u accept this spiritual world and keep aside science for some time!! anyway this is how it works in a nutshell..- your reality is based on your thoughts, your thoughts affect you in a subconscious level and through these subconsciousness and metaconsciousness u construct your experiences!! in simple words...u attract what u think!!...Highly unbelievable???..yeah, but i was highly moulded to accept this!!..but dont worry i had a little amount of skepticism around me....which i guess is the reason for my failures..again a probability.
SO whats the point in typing these inconceivably dubious stuff?? well actually to come to think of it...only to start with something in this blog of mine!!..Anyway just to conclude, i will type in this- All this could be an incredible hoax to mystify everything around us to an extent to which we get choused and start buying their outlandish products or this very well could be the answer to everything!!
btw.....this might seem to be highly void, anyway intrigue yourself by doing some browsing and u will find it interesting to learn that there are institutes which coach you for this. The Pentagon also employed or researched TRV( terrestral remote viewing) which to some extent is similar to the astral. So its not something to be dismissed so easily especially when we are in the midst of so many prophecies which predict the impending doom or the golden age( according to the mayans and even the revered saints of these days).....LETS BE OPEN AND NOT PAROCHIAL!!!!